Dr. Eric Lutsky & Dr. Mara Pulcheri

US Immigration Medical Exam FAQ & Instructions

Who is the civil surgeon?

Dr. Mara L. Pulcheri is a designated Civil Surgeon for the medical examination to U.S Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS). Dr. Pulcheri has been awarded multiple times at as Top Doctor for the quality of her care. She has been in practice in NYC for more than 10 years and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Where are you located?

The office location is:
20 East 46th Street, Suite 200
New York, NY 10017

We are between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue, near Grand Central and Rockefeller Central Subway stations. We are also not far by subway connection or walking from Penn Station. There is a parking garage across the street from our building.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can call us at 212-481-3600 or email us at immigration@eastsidemedicalpractice.com.

Our business hours are Monday through Fridays between 9 and 5 pm.

Same day or next day appointments are usually available (except Saturday, Sundays and major holidays).

What happens during the medical examination?

The doctor will ask you questions, perform a physical examination and review your vaccination history. Patients 15 years and older are required to have a blood test for syphilis and urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (patients younger than 15 years old might need a blood test if there is reason to suspect a possible infection) . Patients age 2 and older will need to have a blood test for tuberculosis (this test may or may not be covered by your health insurance, you may see our fee schedule at the end of this document).

The US government requires specific vaccinations according to your age. These vaccinations include mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, influenza type B, hepatitis B, and any other vaccinations recommended by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is also required.

How long will the examination take?

Please allow at least one hour for all the administrative and medical tasks to be completed during your appointment.

How much is the Medical Examination going to cost?

  1. The medical examination costs $250 and includes lab work for Syphilis and Gonorrhea.
  2. For the tuberculosis Quantiferon test is performed. This can be charged to your insurance* or you can pay a in office Fee of $135.
  3. If you require vaccinations, these will be charged separately and the fee schedule is attached.
  4. During the months of October through March an influenza vaccine is required and is charged in our office at $60 if no proof of immunization is provided.

** Payment must be made at the time of the medical examination by cash or credit card (Most credit and debit cards are accepted).

* These blood test can be billed to your insurance but is not necessarily covered. You may receive a bill from the laboratory if the charges are not covered by your particular insurance and you will be responsible for payment. Please check with us if you have any questions relating to an unexpected laboratory bill.

Check with your insurance if it covers the Quantiferon blood test – CPT code: 86480 ICD10 Z11.1

Please provide proof of immunizations. If not available, you can either receive the vaccines or do MMR and Hepatitis B titers through blood work to check on your immunity. Check your insurance for coverage of this blood work – CPT codes: 86735, 86765, 86762 87340 86317 ICD10    84

If you have not had the Varicella (chicken pox) disease you can either receive the vaccine or do titers to check on immunity as above – CPT code: – 86787 84

What do I need to bring to the medical examination?

  1. Passport or Driver’s License.
  2. Vaccination Records if available (including Covid Vaccination Certificates).
  3. Registration form (optional) Our office registration form is printed on page 5 of this package. You may print and fill this form out in advance and bring it with you to your appointment to save time.
  • How long will it take for the medical results to be released?

In most cases, the medical report will be ready within 7-10 working days after your appointment date. You will be asked to collect your completed Form I-693 with the results in a sealed envelope to present to your lawyer or the INS. Do not open the sealed envelope

Do I need to come in fasting for the blood test?

No, there is no need to fast before your appointment.

What happens if I do not have any immunization records?

If you do not have your vaccination records, the doctor will advise you on the vaccines that are necessary to complete the process, depending on your age and as described separately. You can also do MMR titers through blood work to check on your immunity.

Do you accept my medical insurance to cover the medical examination fees?

Unfortunately, the medical examination conducted for an immigrant visa application is not covered by medical insurances. We will submit some tests such as Quantiferon test, MMR titers, Hepatitis B titers and Varicella titers to your insurance* when possible. Please check with your insurance if they cover you for certain blood work as per the attached fee schedule.

May I use the results of a recent medical examination from another practice at the time of my immigrant visa examination?

No, regretfully you may not. Only a medical examination conducted by a Panel Physician and for the purpose of your immigrant visa is acceptable.

Do I need to bring in my Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate?

Yes, from October 2021, all US visa applicants need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and have completed the full series. Please bring in proof or make an appointment for your vaccine here or at other vaccination sites prior to your visit.

If you have any questions please email us at immigration@eastsidemedicalpractice.com or call us at 212-481-3600 during our regular business hours.